Being number one is an admirable goal. But getting to this coveted position means there’s often a price. While you’re climbing, digging or scraping your way out of the dip, there may be sacrifices on the way. Shaky marriages, damaged reputations, bad health and high stress.

Nevertheless, if you do want to get the reward at the other side of the dip, remember:
Rule 1. As Winston Churchill said: “Never, ever give up.”
Rule 2. Stay focused on the end goal but break down what you need to do into small achievable steps to minimise the daunt factor.
Rule 3. Don’t be proud. Ask for help. This is when you need it the most. And I mean help of the professional and personal kind. If you need business advice, get it. If you need to learn how to manage your stress during this tough period, learn how to meditate (or do whatever it is that will help you stay calm and focused)
Rule 4. Get your staff behind your vision and remember to reward them generously if they stick with you and help you out of the dip.
Rule 5. Be honest with yourself. Are you really in a dip or a cul de sac?
Rule 6. When all else doesn’t seem to work, just go back to Rule 1.

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