To make a website an effective marketing tool, good design comes from a successful online marketing strategy.  Before we start any project we conduct a thorough analysis of your business it’s current and future requirements and any “must have’s” you feel are needed.  This way the project ensures a happy design team and happy clients with total understanding and communication.

If you  are a small business looking to sell more products via your site, we will first conduct a discovery session to fully understand your business, the market space it operates within and your target market.

This understanding combined with your logo design and/or creative direction guides our designers.  Design options are provided for your feedback and iterations are made until we have created the desired site layout and design.  Content is added, hosting set up and with a registered URL the site goes live – easy.

There are many factors that make up good web design:

  • Aesthetics
  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Branding Consistency
  • Copy Presentation
  • Creative and technical balance


This is a great option for someone wanting a cheap but very professional website that doesn’t need the bells and whistles.  Because it doesn’t have video, interactive sliders, HTML5 or any thing moving, it is just like a billboard or brochure of your products and services.

The internet started with this type of website and it still makes up a vast majority of sites on the net today.   If you own more than one valuable domain name you can build multiple sites as part of an online strategy.  If this is you and you want SBA to create multiple websites of this style, please contact us as we are negotiable on price if the quantity is there.


As the name implies this style of website has multimedia capacity.  It has embedded videos and slide shows as well as rolling testimonials and rotating  images.   Any business would suit a multimedia website, how the creative industries or any one who needs to explain their product or service visually would benefit from this style of website design.


This is where we start with the online business or website that creates an income.  Do you have several e-books you’ve written.  Photographs you’d like to sell???

Or perhaps you’ve written jingles that you’d like to share to a select group for a monthly membership fee.  What about teachers, trainers and consultants.  This is a great way to replace inconsistent income with regular income.    If you have something you could share to many on a regular basis, that is valuable and solves a problem, then this is the type of site for you.  Content is hidden behind password protected levels and as your guests become customers they are given access to the information, or videos / photos/ songs.


This is your online store front.  Any site that accepts payment online for a good or service uses an e-c commerce platform to perform the final sales function.   The beauty of an online  portal is the fact that your store never closes.  Your always open and you can be making money from people on the other side of the world whist you are asleep.

An e-commerce site although involved technically, it  doesn’t have to be once the coding has been done and its all set up for you.  Anyone could use it.  Our team will will spend time with you going over the basics and you get 12 months email support as part of our customer service follow -“Satisfaction guarantee”

All websites come with Web Design Custom Color Matched to Your Logo

Plus 12 months domain registration and hosting. 

Personalized Email –

FREE 2 Hour Personal Consultation

Plus First hour Dashboard tutorial FREE