vehicle wrap design croppedAn often undervalued brand asset is your company car fleet.  For less than you might think, you can use car signage to turn a standard fleet car into a mobile advertising platform that reinforces key brand messages and attracts more attention for your company without requiring any ongoing fees.

Car signage has two advantages:Vechile Wraps radiant image design

  1. It lengthens the useful life of the car. Your clients pay less attention to the age and shape of the car when it features car signage that separates it from your competitors.
  2. It makes your company seem larger and more current, especially if you or your staff are on the road frequently.  Have you ever noticed the same custom graphics on cars as you drive around? You might think it’s a whole fleet of cars when really it’s just the one that frequents the area you drive in. The car signage has just done the job of making that company appear larger than it really is.

Over time, we have produced many vehicle signage designs. In fact, you probably pass some of our car signage every day. When considered against the cost of other outdoor media platforms, car signage is by far the most cost-effective.

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Radiant Image vechile wrap steps

Cool Examples of What can be done.

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