Designing a Logo that suits your business and screams out to all who see it exactly who you are and what you’re about is an art form.  One that we love to do.

Our speciality is uniqueness.  If you want to look different and stand out from the crowd then we have a designer waiting to work with you.   We work with a range of industries, which we are by no means limited to: they include:-  Hair Dressers, Day Spas, Beauty Salons, Baby products, cosmetics and skin care, fashion labels, hotels, music and Travel.  On the classic conservative but still fun side we work with accountants, law firms, architects, builders, plumbers,  business coaches / consultants, keynotes speakers and Authors.

Basically if you have a business and want a logo, we have someone here to design one for you.


Upon deciding to get a logo designed for your business you will meet with our account manager.  She will go through the paper work, your ideas and get an understanding of how your business works.  She will take a deposit then compile all the information for our creative team.

From here some initial concepts are born and 3 pencil sketches will be offered to you to choose from.  From there it is put into production, color is added and typography designed.  You will be offered a chance to make an final changes before final payment is due and your logo is handed over.

It’s a seamless process and one that involves you the whole way so you really get what you are after.


  1. Who are you?  What do you want your logo to say about you?
  2. Where is your business now?  What stage of growth is it?
  3. What is your brand?  How do people perceive you?
  4. Who are your target audience?
  5. What does your brand represent?
  6. What colours do you like?
  7. Where do you want you business to go in the future?
What type of logo are you looking for?
Below are a few examples of popular logo styles to help you make your decision.


When deciding on your concept always look at where you want to be, and how you want to be perceived.  A professional logo can take you far even if you are small right now.

Premium Property Images Logo3

Aok logo badge only


Bubbles Logo 2

Beauty Salon logo

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