Let’s face it, promoting your business can be a full-time job on its own. Marketing techniques are ever-evolving, especially in today’s high-tech world. New tactics are constantly being developed and new technologies are steadily being added into the mix.

And if you’re busy running your business, how in the world will you ever have time to stay up-to-date on all of that? A Business consultant can free you up to spend your time on the day to day operations of your business, by developing a strategy that will give you a clear road map to success.

Do you struggle with piecemeal marketing or one-shot advertising attempts that never seem to produce any tangible results? As business consultants, we can help you create a coordinated marketing effort, across multiple channels, that can be measured and tracked for proven ROI.

Are you baffled by the endless sea of new business trends and unsure of where to even get started?  We can help you develop a targeted marketing strategy and pinpoint the exact tactics that are most suited to your audience.  A marketing strategy that is part of an over all business strategy for excelled growth.

More specifically, as business consultants we can help you:

  • Create and implement a customized lead generation program
  • Attract more prospects and convert them to customers
  • Improve your branding and positioning in the market place
  • Increase or create your online presence
  • Create or refine your systems
  • Add joint ventures or strategic alliances


Tiger Woods has a coach, Paul Annacone coached Pete Sampras and Roger Federer to multi grand slam wins, all footy teams and elite sports people have coaches and they are at the top of their field.  Coaches provide valuable feed back on how an athlete is performing and what they could do to improve their game. I’ve never met an elite athlete that does not have a coach.

SO why does a business person who wants to get to the top of their industry shun the idea of having a coach or mentor.

Not sure if a small business coach will work for you? At MKC the Small Business Coaching Checklist identifies 50 valuable insights specific to the needs of small businesses and their owners. An effective coach can expand upon any of these issues and work with you to achieve stronger performance in these areas of your business and your life. Think of your coach as an independent “right-hand (wo)man” to your business and your needs as a small business owner.

The Radiant Strategy: Focus On Results

Do you need help with…

  • Diagnosis of issues and ideas for solutions?
  •  Creating a compelling vision?
  •  Crafting a cohesive and prioritized action plan for moving forward?
  •  Developing self-discipline, self-motivation and self-confidence?
  •  Creating space and insights which enable tangible progress?

Business Owner Support: Create Your Ideal Business
Would you like…

  •  An independent perspective on your ideas, strategies, goals and challenges?
  •  Honest insights and feedback on your leadership and management skills?
  •  To develop emotional intelligence and help you breakthrough mental barriers?
  •  To receive access to supportive and business building networks?
  • The capacity to create clarity, focus and sustainable motivation?

Your Business Future: Set Your Vision
Can you see how to…

  •  Develop strategies to ensure your business can run without you?
  •  Identify alternative high growth business opportunities?
  •  Develop workable expansion and exit strategies?
  •  Strategize for succession planning?
  •  Receive support in making big decisions?

Business Strategy: Discover Successful Approaches
What is stopping you from…

  •  Working ON your business rather than IN it?
  •  Realizing the full potential of your current business?
  •  Developing a business plan to maximise sales and profits?
  •  Transitioning into new strategies and approaches?
  •  Utilizing knowledge and experience from other industries?

Business Goals: Achieve Your Vision
Would consistent, accountability focused, strategic support enable you to…

  •  Create stretch goals and action plans and achieve them?
  • Work out which goals to pursue and which to drop?
  • Re-focus you on business growth or life balance, rather than daily problem-solving?
  • Work out what performance indicators are important to your business?
  • Set up systems to measure and report on indicators that provide a snapshot of your business health?

Marketing Strategy: Learn New Marketing Skills
Can you promote your business with ease through…

  •  Identifying profitable niche markets and ways to access niches?
  •  Reviewing your pricing strategy to maximize profitability?
  •  Maximising the potential profitability of current clients?
  • Planning for new client lead generation?
  • Developing effective customer service strategies?

Productivity: Achieve More With Less
Would you like to know how to find more time, resources or money by…

  •  Developing strategies to work smarter rather than harder?
  •  Identifying opportunities for systemizing and automating your business processes?
  •  Maximising the contributions of employees and outsourced services?
  •  Prioritizing: help you get focused on the issues and actions that matter most?
  •  Re-balancing your workload between what has to be done and what you are best at.?

Creativity: See Your Business With New Eyes
How much more could you add to your bottom line by…

  •  Introducing creative problem-solving tools to create new ideas and approaches?
  •  Developing new business, product or service ideas?
  •  Solving difficult business challenges?
  •  Expanding your perspectives on what is possible?
  •  Introducing strategies to ensure ongoing innovation in your business?

Life Balance: Enjoy Being A Small Business Owner
Would your personal life balance improve if you could…

  •  Develop goals for balancing life and work?
  •  Develop practical strategies for balancing your life and business commitments?
  •  Have a coach be your accountability partner?
  •  Find help with stress management?
  •  Learn practical strategies for managing overwork and overwhelm?

Peak Performance Breakthroughs: Create Your Business & Your Life With Ease and Joy
How much easier will your business be when you…

  •  Learn simple mindset techniques and tools that will blast through your success ceilings?
  • Debug Your Cannot’s, Have-To’s, Should-Do’s, Must Do’s and Too Terrified To-Do’s?
  • Release your sidetracks, old ideas and anything that holds you back?
  • See your self image from a different perspective and develop productive new habits?
  • Reach your potential? It’s the only future that truly values your life and your time ;-)