Branding: Going Beyond Your Logo

Fancy websites and expensive logos are great, but don’t mean anything if your customers can’t connect them to your ‘brand’. When you say the word brand, most people immediately think of a logo or a colour but it’s so much more than that. Branding can be how you answer the phone, to how your staff dresses to what your office looks like. Good branding is about leaving a lasting impression on a client after they’ve visited your website, called your office or met you in person. This goes far beyond your logo.

Radiant Image Strategy  has an approach to branding that runs deeper than attractive design, and our process uncovers something much more compelling to your target market. We can help you create a dynamic and different brand identity that will help you win more new business and grow your company faster.

Radiant Image have a highly skilled design department and have conducted this process many times to create compelling brand identities with our tried and tested Brand Development Strategies.

Defining Your Brand

Our strategy begins with the derivation of your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). A powerful USP is the biggest competitive advantage you can build for your company. To find it, we will discover the common factor across your markets needs, your competitor’s gaps and your company’s strengths.

The three key ingredients needed to find your USP are market intelligence, competitor intelligence and client intelligence.

Market intelligence is where we observe, interview and survey a sample of your markets to find out what they want, don’t want, and how they value a company like yours. We will find out what your existing customers love about you and what you could be doing better. We will determine what they value most about your company, whether that is a strong online presence or an emphasis on face to face contact.

Competitor Intelligence is where we find out what kinds of sales and marketing messages activities your competitors are engaging in and what you do differently. We look at how many competitors you have and which ones pose the most threat to your company. We will also determine how your competitors present their brand and how you can do better.

Client Intelligence where we learn about you, your own strengths and weakness, and what exactly defines you and makes up your brand. We review your marketing and operational infrastructure and determine what opportunities you might be missing to connect your customers to your brand.

Once we have defined what is that sets you apart from the rest, this becomes the focus of our Branding Strategy.

Putting It Into Practice

Once we have defined your USP, we look at aspects of your business we believe need to be addressed in order to lay the foundations for growth. We will ensure you have the right processes in place to grow a strong and recognisable brand. Your USP will guide us as we ensure that your logo, letterheads, website and services all represent a coherent brand – and then we will take it further than that.

We will take your new position and create a detailed, step-by-step and budgeted Marketing Plan so that your new corporate identity doesn’t go unnoticed. It will spell out the activities we recommend to acquire new customers, retain existing ones longer and earn more from all of them.

4 Reasons We should develop your Logo…

  1. Custom Designs – no templates
  2. 3 Day Turnaround from first briefing to round one of concepts.Your new logo could be edited and complete within 10 days providing feedback turnaround is quick…
  3. Fixed Cost to Your Satisfaction
  4. FREE Style Sheet to keep your logo consistent, no matter which package you choose