When you have to be the “Jack of all” in your business.  Inevitably things don’t get done.  marketing tends to be one of those.  You spend so many hours IN your business that you lack time and motivation to work ON your business.  So here are the best 5 ways for you to spend your time and money.  Understanding this will get you the customers you want.  Focus on these five strategies for maximum bang for buck.

A survey conducted by US email marketing company Constant Contact has revealed the most effective marketing techniques for small businesses.

1. Email marketing – 83 per cent

2. Website marketing, including both content marketing and SEO – 71 per cent

3. Face-to-face interaction – 68 per cent

4. Social media – 49 per cent

5. Events – 41 per cent

These results show some interesting trends, which may change the way you think about and conduct your marketing activities.

It is worth noting that other more traditional forms of marketing, including offline advertising and outbound calling, ranked much lower on the scale, along with pay-per-click advertising, direct mail and public relations. However, they are still effective, in my opinion, when combined with some of the other techniques noted above.

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